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Chibi Bomb Game
on Binance
Smart Chain

Chibi Bomb Game on Binance Smart Chain

About MetaBomb

Metabomb is a game with simple gameplay, suitable for all different types of players. Metabomb opens up a metaverse world where players can earn real money through it.

Play to Earn 2.0

Players control their heroes in the Metabomb world, collect tokens, NFT items in different game modes such as Chest Farm, Boss Hunt, PvP, Arena, Tournament... and trade them through the Marketplace. Moreover, players can join hands to build, own, buy and rent properties in the metaverse world of Metabomb.

Game Characters

Game Play

Chest Farm

Own heroes and play to collect tokens and NFT items by breaking treasure chests in a wide range of maps. The stronger your hero, the more you earn.

Boss Hunt

Take down the Boss together with your heroes. Players who cause the most damage to the Boss on the leaderboard will receive exquisit rewards.

Arena Battle

Control any one of your heroes to fight with other players in free Arena Battles everyday. The rankings of players will be determined by the win-loss ratio, which is calculated based on the number of points earned. Players receive daily and monthly rewards based on their rankings.


Show off your battle skills and participate in matches with other players with different bet levels. The winner takes it all!


Join the single-elimination Tournament that is held continuously whenever there are enough participants. Win your way to the #1 spot and receive exquisit rewards!

Build & Rent

Players collect NFT bricks through the Chest Farm mode, then use the bricks to mint properties in the Metabomb world. Each type of properties requires a certain amount of bricks. Players can make profits from renting out their real estates to others.

Road Map

Mar 2022

  • Publish website, whitepaper, pitchdeck, documents...
  • Chest farm mode demo version
  • Advisors, Backers
  • Build social channels, local communities
  • Prepare for IDO, list up partners, backers, whitelist IDO...

Apr 2022

  • Smart contract audit
  • IDO
  • List Dex
  • Marketplace
  • NFT sale
  • Event and staking

May 2022

  • Test game on BSC testnet
  • Open beta on BSC mainnet
  • Web version
  • Chest farm mode, Boss hunt mode
  • Official launching
  • Build properties and rental
  • NFT auction

Jun 2022

  • Android version
  • IOS version
  • Arena battle mode
  • PVP mode
  • Mini games

Q3 2022

  • Tournament mode
  • Guild feature
  • Add more mini games
  • Multi-chain testnet
  • NFT cross-chain

Q4 2022

  • Multi-chain mainnet
  • Guild war feature
  • Building cities, kingdoms feature
  • Metaverse economy

MTB Token

MTB token is the main in-game currency. It will be used for fusion and upgrading Hero level, mainly in the first phase.

MTB token is released on the basis of Binance Smart Chain platform and fully comply with BEP-20 standard.

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Token Metric

Token Metric

  • Symbol: MTB
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • 12% Private Sale
  • 8% Public Sale
  • 30% Play to Earn
  • 10% Staking Reward
  • 20% Core Team
  • 12% Marketing + CM
  • 5% Liquidity
  • 3% Advisor

Core Team

Cuong Vu


10 years of experience in online business, online marketing and building technology products.

Nguyen Cap


Solution Architect in one of the largest companies in the Vietnamese Tech Industry. With 15 years of hard work. Day and night coding, Nguyen is experienced at almost all areas of IT.

Toan Nguyen


10 years of experience in online marketing (SEO, ads, community), blockchain analyst (04 years), investor & NFT game player.

Khanh Tran

Blockchain Developer

10 years in the field of game development and crypto programming in VTC studio. Developing item trading market in the VTC game ecosystem.


Business Developer

Web3 enthusiast that encompasses wide scope of ideas and initiatives to make a real change to the company development.

Kien Vu

Graphics Designer

4 years of experience in motion design, 2D, 3D graphics design and UI/UX design.



LaunchZone CMO and Founder of BSC Army

Renowned crypto investor and Binance Smart Chain community creator

Thanh Dao

LaunchZone CTO

Keynote speaker and mentor in Binance Blockchain Week


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